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    Hengshui steel structure workshop cooling and ventilation method

    author:Bohai Steel Structure Co., Ltd.

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    time:2019-08-23 09:49:29

    steel plant cooling : to stamped steel roof insulation plant cotton, cotton insulation is generally used on the roof glass wool, o is common thickness 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, density It is 10kg/m. Installation can generally reduce the indoor temperature by 5-8 °C, the construction process is more complicated. If the old factory is used for thermal insulation renovation, the original roof should be removed, the steel mesh should be pulled, the glass wool should be laid on the steel wire, the original roof panel should be covered, and then Waterproof treatment.

    sprayed efficient heat reflective coating on the roof. This product has excellent thermal insulation and can be applied on various surfaces such as metal, concrete, gray wall, wood structure surface, asbestos tile, plastic, fiberglass and rubber. The coating is 0.25mm thick, and its effect is equivalent to the effect of 10cm-15cm glass wool. It can reflect 99.5% infrared, 9217998x5% visible light, the highest sound insulation effect is 68%, and the uniform sound insulation effect is more than 50%. Fireproof Class A, completely non-combustible. Non-toxic and safe, long-lasting and durable, with a service life of more than 15 years (refer to the engineering materials file for specific introduction). If this method is used, the construction is convenient, there is no damage to the original roof, and the aging of the roof can be prevented. The surface temperature difference between the post-construction and pre-construction plates can reach up to 20 °C, the indoor temperature difference can reach 8-10 °C, steel structure plant energy consumption can be reduced by 30-70%.

    steel plant ventilation cooling

    because the steel plant some heat and water vapor produced by the machine, these hot gases and steam, if not discharged, will accumulate in the plant, so that the plant steel Steel at Elevated Temperature plant environment. The solution to these problems is to ensure that the factory is fair and airy, and install a suitable amount of ventilation system. Fair exhaust system installation significantly improved steel plant air environment, a large temperature decrease steel plant.

    roof mounted ventilation unit unpowered

    unpowered ventilation is dependent on the principle of air convection to learn a ventilation apparatus for ventilation, when the difference between indoor and outdoor air environment, it will generate an air activities, thereby eliminating the exhaust gas chamber and Gas. Its strength is that it does not require additional electricity and is more environmentally friendly. However, it is highly dependent on the environment and cannot be forced to exhaust. The main products are turbine air blowers, strip air blowers (lighting belts for ventilation), roof ventilation devices and so on.

    installed roof ventilator force: powered fan is driven by the power a ventilation device. It has a good exhaust effect and can adapt to the ventilation of any environment.  

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