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    Design Principles of Steel Structure of Hengshui Steel Structure House

    author:Bohai Steel Structure Co., Ltd.

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    time:2019-08-23 09:49:01

    house design steel shall comply with the provisions of the current national standards. These national standards are "Building Confession Load Specification" GB50009. "Code for seismic design of buildings" GB50011. " steel design specifications" GB50017 and "cold-formed steel technical specifications" GB50018. In addition, the relevant relevant standards related to structural design should be followed.
       these countries or standards are based on the current national standard " building a unified standard for reliability design "GB50068 developed.
    steel design, in addition to fatigue calculation using The limit state design method based on probability theory is calculated by using the partial coefficient design expression.
       steel limit state can be divided into the following two categories: That is, the load capacity limit state and the normal use limit state. The load-bearing structure should be designed according to these two types of limit states.
       ultimate limit state design press steel bonded dig, considering gallery The basic combination of load or load impact, the necessary fashion should consider the accidental combination of load or load effects.
       normal time limit state design steel , should Considering the standard combination of load or load effect, quasi-permanent combination should be considered for steel reinforced concrete composite members and reinforced concrete slab steel composite beams.
       steel using a reliable indicator of the lizard, The reliability index of the ship';s load limit state of the steel structure 59521x/a> component is not less than the regulation.

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