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    Application scope of Hengshui steel structure

    author:Bohai Steel Structure Co., Ltd.

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    time:2019-08-23 10:10:30

    The effective application of the steel frame structure is not only the characteristics of the steel frame structure itself , but also the details of the socio-economic development trend. In the past, the use of steel frame structures was limited because of the necessity of considering the social and economic infrastructure in China';s steel output. In 1949, the national steel output of China was only over 100,000 tons. With the continuous growth of China';s steel output in recent years, it has reached 100 million cubic meters in 1998, ranking first in global steel production in China and 200 million cubic meters in 2002. M, the steel frame structure has achieved a great development trend in China, and the scope of application is very wide. In today';s steel frame structure application, in terms of industrial production and industrial construction, the larger the span of the : large-span structural structure is given, the weight is often larger in all loads, and the weight reduction becomes an important design concept.

    steel frame structure with high compressive strength of raw materials, light weight structure, suitable for large span construction such as the assembly workshop of the airport production plant (span is usually around m ), hangar, sports Roof truss management system for venues, bus stations, exhibition halls, cinemas, auditoriums, etc. Common structural methods include spherical grid (shell) structure, frame structure, arch structure, suspension bridge structure, suspension structure, frame shear wall and prestressed steel structure. For the construction method and engineering project case of the large-span steel frame structure, refer to the characteristics and classification of the spatial layout of the first section of Chapter 8.

     2 . Super heavy industrial plant construction super heavy industrial plant means that the crane in the production workshop is quite heavy (usually is around loot ) or the crane is not large, but the crane is working in the industrial building of 24 And its immediate impact on large vibration loads or industrial plants that are greatly damaged by vibration loads, such as iron and steel, steel rolling, seamless pipes, etc. in large and medium-sized steel industries: steel castings, forging, and super-heavy machine plants. Hydraulic press production workshop: shipyard production workshop of shipyard.

    3 . High-rise buildings and high-rise buildings are slowly increasing due to the necessity of urban planning and construction. The steel frame structure has high compressive strength, light weight, light weight of prefabricated components, and high level of assembly line, which is especially beneficial for multi-story buildings. Therefore, steel structures or steel-concrete structures are often used as high-rise residential structures. Load structure. For example, Jinmao Tower, the 88 layer of Shanghai Pudong New Area, has an aspect ratio of 420 . sm , and is made of steel structure with a tailed concrete inner tube structure, which is the tallest building in China. Shanghai Jin Jiang Hotel, Beijing Jingguang Building, Shenzhen Development Center Building and Shenzhen Diwang Building are all high-rise residential steel structures.

    4 . The towering structure consists of a tower body and a mast structure, such as a rolling conductor tower, a radio program and a television tower, a natural environment climate monitoring tower, a crude oil drilling tower, and a rocket launch tower. &57;

    5 . The light steel structure is aimed at the medium and small span structure with the lightest load, and the construction weight occupies a large proportion in the load. The steel frame structure can be used to reasonably alleviate the structural weight. Such as light-duty portal frame structure, cold-drawn thick-walled channel steel structure and light steel structure such as seamless steel pipe structure, etc., it has been widely used in factories, office buildings and small and medium-sized sports stadiums with no cranes or cranes. And it has just begun to be used for civil housing projects. &57;

    6 . Under the structure of the driving load hazard, a large forging hammer must have a large driving force. The industrial plant of the machine and equipment has great damage to the structure due to vibration, so the steel frame structure is adopted.

    seismic grades are also required to use a steel frame structure for higher construction. &57;

    7 . The structure of the demolition structure that needs to be demolished, such as the construction of the building construction, the clothing, food and shelter, the temporary exhibition hall, etc., and the structures that need to be moved, such as gantry cranes, tower cranes, gantry cranes, loading and unloading bridges, and their water conservancy locks, For ship lifts, etc., the steel frame structure is most suitable. &57;

    8 . The vessel and its buildings are characterized by sealing and pressure resistance. The steel frame structure is commonly used in the metallurgical industry, crude oil, chemical plant oil depots, oil storage tanks, liquefied gas tanks, ironmaking blast furnaces, hot blast stoves, chimneys and their Cooling towers, etc. In addition to this, there are also trestles, pipe supports, drilling and crude oil towers, as well as service platforms for their offshore oil production plants, and steel frame structures are often used.

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